Cool Link – Battling the “Why not use cellphones/internet?” Relevancy Debate

I have a constant struggle with how to explain ham radio to those who don’t know about it but are interested, and to those who argue that it’s not relevent, so I took to reddit to scrounge for better ideas than finding myself talking someone’s ear off about EME and contesting and WSPR and 1,500 watts and licensing and so on and so on and so on. Check it out below:

Battling the "Why not use cellphones/internet?" Relevancy Debate from amateurradio

Cool Link: Amateur Radio As Fast As Possible

You being here probably means you already know what ham radio is. However, I know for a fact you have friends, or acquaintances, or people you know, or brushed shoulders with but just happened to have their Facebook and Twitter info…so send them this:

It’s exactly what ham radio has been waiting for — PR outside of our own circles. In just a few hours it’s gotten over 8,000 views and growing – unprecedented for even the best ham radio channels like K7AGE and the ARRL themselves.

It’s already drawing a group of interested people to the reddit thread it was shared on.

And in fact it was the /r/AmateurRadio subreddit where the original scripter sought ideas! Awesome!!

Share that video! Make more hams!

KC2LRC and N0SSC Talk YOTA on Ham Talk Live with Neil Rapp

We got featured on Ham Talk Live with Neil Rapp! We chat about our experiences at YOTA and our plans of bringing such an event to the Western world. 

Check it out on the Overcast iOS podcast app, iTunesSpreaker, or YouTube.