Active Ham Radio Podcasts, Livestreams, and YouTube Channels

I feel like ham radio is experiencing a media Renaissance of sorts – there’s been a lot of new, really great podcasts and it appears social media interaction regarding ham radio is way up. However, it’s really interesting to see this big, long, gradual drop in interest over the last 11 years as measured by Google Trends:

Who knows what’s going on here – it’s a moot point between my observations and fact. Anyway, regardless of trends, I listen to a ton of podcasts, a majority of which are ham radio related. Two have been started within the last year and have been really well produced, listenable, and just good compared to other attempts

Back in the day (between 2011 and 2015) I used to watch Ham Nation, Solder Smoke, and AmateurLogic. Now, I choose not to spend the time sitting and watching an hour-long live-stream or recorded show, and at the same time I’ve been really put off by advertisements. They’re much more intrusive and jarring than they used to be. However, this doesn’t phase the primary demographic of retirees who have all the time in the world.

The chat’s were always fun but never really impactful, except for a few isolated occurrences where I found former WØEEE alumnus, young hams who needed advice on getting into the hobby, and meeting a handful of what I would call “famous” hams. I might make a list of those too.

Podcasting is the way to go. I can listen while I drive (which is at least an hour a day), listen while I work, listen while I clean, browse the internet, work out…anytime and anywhere where my full attention and hearing isn’t needed.

Here’s the big list of active media that has been updated within at least the last month as of September 2016:


I use Overcast on iOS to listen to podcasts. It is the best podcasting app ever made, much improved from the iOS stock podcast app. It’s best feature is “smart speed,” which compresses silences, and when combined with a 1.3x speed-up, it makes an hour podcast less than 45 mins long.

On Android, I recommend Pocketcasts. I’ve used it before and it’s pretty good too!

You can find all of these in your podcast app directory by searching the name. Otherwise, I’ve linked to their website or a link where you can go to listen them below:

  1. Ham Radio 360
  2. 100 Watts and a Wire
  3. ICQ Podcast
  4. Everything Ham Radio Podcast
  5. ARRL The Doctor is In
  6. Foundations of Amateur Radio
  7. The Two Way Radio Show
  8. Amateur Radio Newsline
  9. The Rain Report

Live Shows

All of the live shows listed also have recorded episode distributed through various means. All audio-only shows can be found in podcast apps (which is how I consume them) and video shows may or may not be in podcast directories but the links should take you to where you can find them.

  1. Linux in the Hamshack – audio only, listed on podcast directories
  2. W5KUB Live Stream – recorded shows are on YouTube
  3. Ham Talk Live! – Call in show, audio only, listed on podcast directories
  4. Ham Nation – Live Stream on, audio and video versions listed on podcast directories
  5. Ted Randall’s QSO Show – audio only

YouTube Channels

Work in progress…this is going to be a long list 🙂

  1. W2AEW
  2. HamRadioNow
  3. Dan Vanevenhoven
  4. KD8RTT
  5. theRSGB
  6. TinHatRanch
  7. GoatHiker
  8. K7AGE
  9. Jim W6LG

I’ll (probably) come back later and update the lists and provide links. Too tedious for now.

Last update: September 14, 2016

Author: N0SSC

25 year old amateur radio operator. I love everything about ham radio. Trying to learn CW and contest more, and doing my best to promote youth involvement and retention in this aging hobby.

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  1. Yep, I agree… podcasting does it for me. As and old and still-working-for-living ham, I just don’t have the time to sit and watch “videocasts.” I can, however, listen to audio just about anywhere and usually catch up on my listening while at work or walking or even while mowing the lawn (the earbuds block the mower noise nicely).

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