Cool Link: Amateur Radio As Fast As Possible

You being here probably means you already know what ham radio is. However, I know for a fact you have friends, or acquaintances, or people you know, or brushed shoulders with but just happened to have their Facebook and Twitter info…so send them this:

It’s exactly what ham radio has been waiting for — PR outside of our own circles. In just a few hours it’s gotten over 8,000 views and growing – unprecedented for even the best ham radio channels like K7AGE and the ARRL themselves.

It’s already drawing a group of interested people to the reddit thread it was shared on.

And in fact it was the /r/AmateurRadio subreddit where the original scripter sought ideas! Awesome!!

Share that video! Make more hams!

Author: N0SSC

25 year old amateur radio operator. I love everything about ham radio. Trying to learn CW and contest more, and doing my best to promote youth involvement and retention in this aging hobby.

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