School Club Roundup – October 17-21!

It’s October, time for School Club Roundup!

The fall School Club Roundup (SCR) is October 17-21, 2016. All educational institutions from grade to graduate school are encouraged to participate in the week-long on-the-air operating event. More information and rules is available at

The following logging programs support SCR:

Bonus points for using social media – Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and reddit to promote your school’s operation!

Jk, there’s no real bonus points, BUT that shouldn’t stop you from promoting your activities! You can also upload photos and text to the ARRL Soapbox.

Also, read this article by Scott Westerman W9WSW. Its a FANTASTIC to-do list for college clubs but can be applied to every ham radio club.

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Author: N0SSC

25 year old amateur radio operator. I love everything about ham radio. Trying to learn CW and contest more, and doing my best to promote youth involvement and retention in this aging hobby.

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