I called W5KUB

Saturday night after the Huntsville hamfest, I watched a bit of the W5KUB livestream that he hosts. The main push for me to go to the Huntsville Hamfest was this livestream a few weeks before. I was in the chat and mentioned I never been and wasn’t really planning on it (but probably could go), then Katie Allen WY7YL persuaded me.

So I went. And I had a really great time! It deserves its own blog post soon.

But real quick, I wanted to mention the short call I had with Tom, Don Wilbanks AE5DW, another guy whose name I forget, and Chris Brault KD8YVJ – winner of the ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim award.

Check it out here on YouTube, or pan the embedded video to 2:40:30 below. Give or take. The link has been messing up a lot.

Ham Radio 360: Youth in Ham Radio feat. N0SSC

Ham Radio 360: Youth in Ham Radio feat. N0SSC

Episode 59 of Ham Radio 360 just dropped! In it I was interviewed by Cale K4CDN about the experiences I had at YOTA as well as some ideas to bring to your club and ham radio organizations to promote and retain young people in amateur radio.

Click on the box above to take you to the HR360 website, or check it out on your favorite podcasting app. Here it is in iTunes, and Click here to open in Overcast.

More youth in ham radio stuff and a podcast review post to come soon!

Cool Link 1: Young Lady North Texas Net Blog

I listen to the Everything Ham Radio podcast, and the latest episode, titled “a YL’s view of Amateur Radio,” Curtis, with Allison Hollier, KG5BHY talked about her The Young Lady North Texas Net Blog.

It’s a really detailed and expansive blog authored and curated by Allison. It provides a woman’s view on the hobby – something amateur radio definitely needs more of. Most of it’s technical, with some history and discussion interspersed, but it’s a really good read overall! She writes each blog in coordination with the weekly topic on the North Texas YL net – every Monday at 8pm central on their local 440 repeater (442.325 (127.3 tone) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. More info here: http://weeklynet.org/ylntx/

Check out her blog at http://weeklynet.org/ylntx/blog