Youth in Ham Radio Presentation at SLSRC Winterfest


The livestream broke halfway through but I recovered the audio of the end and set it to the slide show. Enjoy!

Slides: Amateur Radio’s Next Generation by N0SSC.pdf

Audio only Enhanced Podcast version (hosted by The Phasing Line Podcast):

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8 Days left for ARRL Scholarship Applications!

Nuff said. Go out and apply and get free money for college!

I’m told that so much money goes unclaimed, so it’s extremely likely that you’ll get a scholarship if you apply. So go apply!!!

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: Missouri Amateur Radio Parity Act

In the midst of our nation getting a new president, we can’t forget the battles going on at home.

I mean, the small battles matter too.

Missouri Amateur Radio Parity Act (MARPA) really needs your help. It’s basically the same parity act the ARRL produced for federal considering, but at the state level. Larry Scantlan KEØKZ is the main guy behind this bill, and he needs a ton of help showing the Missouri government that there is significant public interest in this bill. It failed last time because nobody showed up.

If you like listening to podcasts, check out 100 Watts and a Wire’s interview with Larry and what needs to happen right now. TL;DL: Larry fought his town’s restrictions on owning ham radio inside his own home! He contacted the aldermen of the city and discovered almost everyone was in agreement, and the laws were changed. He then took to the Missouri courts to do what the ARRL’s doing for the entire nation – fight unnecessary HOA restrictions on reasonable accommodations for ham radio equipment.

What you need to do:

Fill out a Witness Appearance form. It’s available right here: Witness Appearance 2017

Fill that out (you may need to add an attachment to fit your testimony in the box) and email it to Representative Bryan Spencer at before the end of the day, Monday, January 23, 2017.

From Larry:


The most critical action needed to today from hams across Missouri is for everyone (and their family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers) to complete and return the Witness Appearance Form (see attached).  This document lets the committee members know that there is sufficient public support for them to consider this legislation in committee and allow it to move forward in the legislative process.  The chairman of this committee will make that decision, not only on the testimonies of those present at the hearing, but also by the number of these forms received.

According to Rep. Bryan Spencer, our Bill’s sponsor, he needs to be able to hand 400-500 of these completed forms to the chairman at the time of the hearing or, as he put, we might as well just write this off.  As of this email he had only received 3 completed forms in his office.

I understand that you may not be able to attend the hearing, and finding time to make a phone call to your representative asking for his/her support may take some time, but EVERYONE can print off this form, complete it, scan it and email it back.  Please email your completed Witness Appearance Form back to Representative Bryan Spencer at before the end of the day, Monday, January 23, 2017.

It’s your turn to act and make a difference.

73,Larry Scantlan, KEØKZ
Wentzville, MO

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