It’s Happening! Millennials in Amateur Radio!

I can’t help but hope my wildly debated article is starting to make its motions through the amateur radio community. Conceitedness aside, it’s really awesome to see a club make a very public stride into lowering the age of their radio club.

Is your radio club a bit gray on top? Consider forming a youth interests committee, and marketing your club to younger people (and don’t forget their parents!) by hosting easy and free activities throughout the year, creating scholarship funds, giving presentations for schools and libraries, publishing your field day site and GOTA (and other on-the-air activity) information in highly public areas and social media outlets.


An Example of the Broadness of Amateur Radio

Hackernews ( is a very simple link aggregator and forum (similar to reddit) that focuses on technology, cyber-security, tech companies, software development, venture capitalism and startups, and the like.

It’s always a happy day when amateur radio shows up on hackernews, because its community is smart – engineers, programmers, thinkers, doers, and hams. In other words, there are no cranky OMs there to ruin your day or overenthusiastic technophiles talking your head off.

ARISS came up today, and the thread blew up into a general, lightweight synopsis on a ton of different things that ham radio can offer. Since ham radio is “a thousand hobbies in one,”[1][2][3] I think it’s a great answer to the question “what can you do with ham radio?”

Check it out here: