Jeeping and Ham Radio

I was asked to give a short presentation on ham radio to a jeep club here in St. Louis. So I did. What I found out is that there is a significant amount of overlap between the two hobbies. See for yourself! Just google Ham Radio Jeep.

My biggest challenge was trying to bring the technical depth of ham radio down to the level of non-technical people who want to use it just because it’s better than CB on their jeeps. Luckily, a general class ham was in the audience and came up at the end of the presentation, and he did a great job of portraying ham radio to meet the needs of the club best. Thank you!

Hopefully we’ll get a few new hams out of this!

Here’s my presentation, and you can also download it here:
PPTX version
PDF Version

And I also recorded it, and will upload to YouTube after it renders. Dunno if it will, because I’m on my third attempt, it takes almost two hours, and I’m risking CPU death since I’m using stock fans.

Here it is, finally:

Feel free to use this in any way you see fit – share it with friends, upload it to your Facebook group, give a presentation in your club, anything. This is your permission.

Also if your images appear in the presentation without attribution, you just happen to be near the top of google image search when searching Jeep + ham radio. Email and I’ll attribute as requested.