8 Days left for ARRL Scholarship Applications!

Nuff said. Go out and apply and get free money for college! http://www.arrl.org/scholarship-application

I’m told that so much money goes unclaimed, so it’s extremely likely that you’ll get a scholarship if you apply. So go apply!!!

Ham Radio on my favorite non-Ham Radio podcast (Stuff You Should Know) 

Wow ham radio is getting an alarming amount of mainstream attention lately. We got on LinusTechTips, we got a spot on National Geographic, and now it’s hitting close to home on a podcast I listen to every week. 

Stuff You Should Know: Ham Radio and the Hams Who Use Them 

Give that a listen. I strongly recommend their other episodes for a quick tidbit of new information you should know, every day. 

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Overcast link to be updated. 

My ARRL Youth Editor Columns Are Finally Together

I took the time to collect all my ARRL youth columns into one location: Right here! The ARRL doesn’t host these columns in a central location (although I think they should be a staple of the ARRL Youth Page) so hopefully this helps.

You can also go to the Youth@HamRadio.fun page in the Blogs drop down in the menu.

The list below is chronological starting from April 23, 2011 to May 26, 2013. Unfortunately after my departure from the youth editorship, the ARRL hasn’t opened the position back up, so these are the last of their kind until further notice.