2017 Solar Eclipse (QSO Party)

It. Was. Incredible.

I guess something not mentioned in the video above is the whole premise of operating ham radio during solar eclipses. It all has to do with the ionosphere. During totality, the ionosphere gets less energy from the sun, making it do funny things. Ham radio gets a firsthand view of what those funny things are…in other words, science.

HamSCI explains it much better: http://www.hamsci.org/node/122

Anyway, I didn’t make that many contacts so my individual contribution to science was pretty minimal. I did operate some FT8 and WSPR, and reported a lot of spots to WSPRNet and PSKReporter, and made this video, so that’s pretty cool.

A new YouTube Video!!! St. Louis Arch NPOTA Activation

It’s been a while since there were one of these!

Also, Kyle, N0KTK was the ringleader of this activation. He’s got a blog here, also did a video of this activation here:

And he’s got more where that came from.

I also ditched my copy of Vegas because it would crash every bunch of edits, and wouldn’t save right, and it literally made me lose hair. I miss the workflow, but because of it’s price point and popularity, I’m going with Adobe Premiere. I did this using the 7 day trial.

I really love making videos, but doing this one took me exactly 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 10 seconds. From less than 30 minutes of video, and only 4 minutes of a finished product. Editing is hard. But your enjoyment makes it worth it!