How Many 1-Shot DX Contacts Can You Make?

To all hams who enjoy DXing, here is a challenge for you:

You only have one shot of calling DX.

If they don’t return to you in one call, then you have to try again after working another DX station with the same rule. Doesn’t matter the power or antenna situation – 1 watt or 1000.




How many can you make?

First of all, it can be done (I discovered this with 100 watts on CW with a G5RV with the 2009 Desecheo Island Dxpedition K5D), and secondly, it’s a testament to proper listening skills that allow you to do this – operating split, analyzing the operator’s technique, analyzing the technique of the callers, finding the open spots. Sure, your 5-beam stack on a hill 3 miles from the DX station would get in MUCH easier than my G5RV on the ground with dog poo all over it. But all things considered, it’s still a challenge for the most of us.

Foundations of Amateur Radio Podcast Logo
Foundations of Amateur Radio Podcast Logo

I heard this on an episode of the Foundations of Amateur Radio Podcast by VK6FLAB. It’s an excellent, 3-minute-or-so podcast that answers a question or poses a challenge like this. It’s definitely my favorite podcast because Onno, in his comedic deadpan attitude, always questions the status quo, presents an interesting challenge, or a fascinating discovery, with no overhead, no music, no pizazz.

Lol too many commas.

Listen to the Foundations of Amateur Radio podcast directly, on Overcast for iOS, or iTunes.

Also, listen to Onno’s former podcast – What Use Is An F-call? – which answers the question, what use is an F (for foundation license in Australia, equivalent to the technicians license in the US) call. There are 206 episodes, directly, on Overcast, and on iTunes as well.

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