A new YouTube Video!!! St. Louis Arch NPOTA Activation

It’s been a while since there were one of these!

Also, Kyle, N0KTK was the ringleader of this activation. He’s got a blog here, also did a video of this activation here:

And he’s got more where that came from.

I also ditched my copy of Vegas because it would crash every bunch of edits, and wouldn’t save right, and it literally made me lose hair. I miss the workflow, but because of it’s price point and popularity, I’m going with Adobe Premiere. I did this using the 7 day trial.

I really love making videos, but doing this one took me exactly 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 10 seconds. From less than 30 minutes of video, and only 4 minutes of a finished product. Editing is hard. But your enjoyment makes it worth it!

Author: N0SSC

25 year old amateur radio operator. I love everything about ham radio. Trying to learn CW and contest more, and doing my best to promote youth involvement and retention in this aging hobby.

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